Become a Performance Check-In Expert!


“The major problem with performance management systems today is that they have become substitutes for the vital act of actually managing people.” 

— Laszlo Bock, Former SVP of People Operations at Google and Author of Work Rules

No leadership activity has more of an impact on employee performance than 1:1 Performance Check-in meetings. Employee Development through 1:1 Performance Check-Ins offers managers and employees the tools they need to improve performance and facilitate career growth.

This insightful guide:

  • Provides compelling evidence supporting the use of regular performance check-ins,
  • Outlines the benefits of on-going dialogue and shared accountability for employees and managers,
  • Describes the five most important topic areas for discussion during 1:1 meetings,
  • Offers practical discussion questions to facilitate meaningful conversation, and
  • Presents tips for both managers and employees on how to become performance check-in experts.

Happy reading!

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