Are you:

  • Tired of managing “work-arounds” so that the software supports your process?
  • Fed up with being promised features are coming in the next release but are never delivered?
  • Getting irate calls from users and scrambling to deal with system outages with no response from the vendor?
  • Frustrated with dialing into a call center for service, filing a trouble ticket to get service, and waiting days for a response?
  • Paying extra for having phone access to a real person?
  • Unwilling to sign a three year deal with no way out?


Stop using Performance Management, 360 Degree Feedback and Succession Planning Software designed to do things the way 'most companies' do them.

It is Time to Explore viaPeople

Talk with one of our HR experts to:

  • Find solutions to meet your organization’s specific performance management, 360 degree feedback, and succession planning needs,
  • Help you understand how viaPeople solutions provide the specific features that you need to manage talent your way, and
  • Answer any questions you have about how our software and consulting services can help your company.

Take a pressure.

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